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Maximum Nutrition

DVD Cover for Maximum Nutrition

Now available on the internet.

Maximum Nutrition:  Transitioning Toward a Plant-Based Diet
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Maximum Nutrition Flash presentation.  Video will start as page is loaded.   Click here.
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Maximum Nutrition as a QuickTime movie format.  Click here.
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since this file is about 1.2 Gigabites in size.

Maximum Nutrition as an avi file.  Click here.
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Maximum Nutrition as a zipped avi file.  Click here.
This is the file downloaded as torrent file from http://tinyurl.com/MaxNutrition.
(Since it's a torrent file, you'll need BitTorrent software, but that's
available free at places like http://www.utorrent.com/download.php .)

This file was used to make a DVD using AVS Video Converter software found at

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